Friday, September 14, 2012

Unpredictability - Part 2

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  Did everyone like my pitiful picture from yesterday? I know it looked like I was subjecting my little man, Noah, to some sort of medieval punishment, but I promise no one was harmed in the making of this blog post.

  Typically I am in charge of haircuts for our 3 boys. They all have a unique sense of style, and I try my best to keep that in mind when choosing a hairstyle with them. Before our last round of cuts my Noah took my haircutting scissors and took a chunk right out of the middle of his hair on the front of his head. I did my best to hide  it with comb overs, but had been looking forward to it growing out all summer to a semi-normal length. Yesterday I was getting the boys pumped for their new haircuts (they usually whine and fight me on it) and I guess the excitement got the better of them. When I went to lay the baby down my hubby was working on his truck outside and somewhere in the midst of both adults being occupied my 4 year old, Luke, found my husband's electric hair trimmer and buzzzzzzz, right down the middle of Noah's head it went. By the time I came out  my hubby was halfway through "fixing" Noah's new do, and I couldn't help but take this picture of the funny stage. He looks a bit like Mr. Zorg, no? 

So now his head is like a little dome of velcro and I can't stop touching it! But if you think that's the only wrench that was thrown in my day, oh no! You'd be very very wrong indeed. Let's see, first was the impromptu haircut, then came the breaks on my van sticking so now we have to bring it in to be repaired. Then while inspecting the brakes we found that both of my front tires are showing the metal threads (these are 45k mile tires and I've only gone 16k on them) so they have to be replaced. Next came my oldest son's football game, which was supposed to be scheduled for 6, but wound up being at 5:30... and we had to be there an hour early. Lastly, and probably most disturbingly, our cat, who just had kittens 4 weeks ago, started getting sick. It's pretty graphic and gross, and I don't know how strong of a stomach you have, but I'm not even through my first cup of coffee so for my own sake I'm not going to rehash it right now. I'll suffice to say that she is going to the vet at 10 this morning. With my brakes getting fixed after that. And my tires (hopefully) getting replaced under warranty after that. 

TGIF, right? HA! When you're a mom/wife/homemaker/domestic-engineer-extraordinaire, there are no Fridays! At least Noah likes his haircut, and I now have a good luck charm to rub. What has life thrown your way this week?


  1. Let's see...I flipped out about being a bad Mom this week. Felt very overwhelmed and like I was embarrassing. Still haven't made any friends and feel lonely so therefore I should freak out and take it out on the family. Pretty much how I responded was "AAAAAHAHHHHHHHHH!" :) Trying hard to realize that I'm just normal, but there are days when I feel I do nothing right! Love the blog and miss seeing you!

    1. I totally understand. Another mama posted a quote on facebook yesterday that said something to the effect of, "We all feel inadequite because we are comparing our behind-the-scenes to other's highlights." Very true!

  2. Aw, I feel badly that I giggled reading about the hair buzzing mishap. Your son is so adorable and I bet this is one of those cute stories you will laugh about and treasure later!!

  3. I love that you mention there are no Fridays for the mom/wife/homemaker/domestic-engineer-extraordinaire, so true! A stomach bug has made its way to our home, boo!


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