Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Vichy USA Liftactive Combo

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I adore #Influenster! They've allowed me to try so many brands and product that I wouldn't have know about otherwise. #VichyUSA is one of those! I'm always a bit leery trying new skin products. My skin.... oh my skin. It has so many problems and it's temperamental in a bad way! I have wrinkles and lines, acne, large pores, sagging skin, the works! If I use something for aging it breaks me out. If I use something for breaksouts it dries my skin out. If I use something for dryness it irritates my skin and causes burning. And scented products? Fugetaboudit!

The Liftactiv Supreme and Supreme 10 Serum have been amazing! They smell divine, absorb quickly into the skin, and I'm on day 3 with amazing results and ZERO irritation or negative side effects!! My fine lines have been reduced, my skin is plump and dewy, and I'm going to be so sad when I run out of my sample! lol The Power Due is $70, and worth every penny! The Vichy website says this:

Our ultimate skin-firming, anti-wrinkle duo helps you take control skin aging signs with targeted repair that works around the clock. This limited-edition value set combines a full-size LiftActiv Serum 10 + LiftActiv Supreme to help smooth the appearance of wrinkles, visibly firm skin, and restore a youthful radiance.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016


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Blogging. It's been an outlet for me. A way to make a few extra dollars. A way to try some truly awesome FREE (always a plus!) products. A way to connect with other moms, bounce ideas off of them, commiserate and build friendships with them. My commitment level has been hardcore, once in a blue moon, and everything in between.And here I find myself again. Staring at a blank box, cursor blinking waiting to see what fabulousness springs from the keyboard

 So what do I have to offer now, in this season of life? A non-committal hope to spew forth some full sentences with big adult-type words that don't have anything to do with correcting behavior, informing someone of the day's menu, or frantic protestations to stalling tactics when a deadline is hanging over my head. Sound like something you want to read? Oh wait, I only told you what this isn't going to be. Well, hmm... how about I just talk and you listen. Or read. Yes, you read. 

  I'm a mother of 4. I love my littles immensely, but life with 4 kids is no joke. My husband works a good deal and so much of the responsibilities of the house fall to me. As he put it recently, I spread myself very thin. There's the kids, the house, cooking and cleaning. I work from home, run an Outlander fan group with over 1400 members, and I am going to be going back to college in the fall. So I totally have time to start my blog back up now, right? Right. 

 Well, the bottom line is everyone needs a little sanity. "Me" time, you might call it. Some people go to the gym, or lace up running shoes every day, some people zone out with their headphones or get lost in books for hours at a time. I'm lethally allergic to exercise (seriously. it KILLS fat cells!), my knees can't handle running, I can't listen to a full length song with headphones without someone asking me a question, and the same goes for books, though I do adore reading, I just can't seem to find the quiet time or headspace to really dig into a meaty read lately. 

 I do craft. I love sewing, crochet, my adult coloring book, and finding PINteresting things to do. Those all have their creative places in my life, but there's just something about putting pen to paper (fingers to keys?) that has always been a relief for me. To take everything jumbled around *up there* and make sense of it right in front of me. I can read, reread, edit, and finally sit back and look at a cohesive thought, process, story, or the like that actually makes SENSE! And not much in life makes sense, if you ask me. It's all "rolly polly pell mell tumble bumble" as one of my kiddos favorite books says. 

 So I'll blog. When I can, about whatever I want. No promises, just an outlet that might bring some joy, perspective, and sense to my day and yours. 

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