Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

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Have you ever seen a more accurate pumpkin carving? I haven't.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sneaky Green Tip #4

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While scrounging in the cupboards tonight, trying to pull dinner together with what I have on hand, I realized a very simple, very yummy substitution that I've never made. So now, I'm sharing my lightbulb moment with you.


It's really that simple. While it does take longer than instant rice, 10-15min, it's a higher quality grain. It's also an easy way to add some variety to your family's diet.

Here's what I'm making.

Hamburger Broccoli Casserole

14oz portion Cream of Something soup
1lb grass fed ground beef
1 onion, chopped
6 cups frozen broccoli, prepared
1 cup uncooked quinoa
2.5 cups bone broth
1tsp Italian seasoning
1Tbs liquid aminos (or soy sauce)
1/2 tsp onion powder
1tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper

Combine 2 cups of the bone broth with the quinoa. Bring to boil, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 10-15min. Mean while brown ground beef and onion in a medium skillet. When the onions and beef are cooked through drain, and then add the COS soup, spices, liquid aminos, and quinoa. Layer broccoli in bottom of a large casserole dish and top with beef/soup mixture. Sprinkle grated Parmesan on top and bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes, until hot and bubbly. Enjoy!!

Serves 6

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Football has been ruling my life!

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Baby mermaids are the best!
Hello again lovely readers! I know posts have been few and far between over the last 2 weeks, but football was ruling my life. My 7 year old's football team made the playoffs so they bumped practices to 3 times a week, as well as game days. I was eating, sleeping, and breathing football. 

 Halloween is Wednesday, and I am trying to pull together costumes for my 1 and 2 year old. I would love to hear some ideas for {quick & easy} homemade costumes for a girl and boy. I was originally going to do matching witch costumes for myself and baby girl, but I think the time has passed to be able to do that. The 2 year old has no opinion at all on his costume. He loves Thomas and Cars 2, and I asked if he wanted to be either one and I was met with a resounding, "No!" So I'm at a bit of a loss. I think this calls for a Pinterest intervention. :) Last year I managed to put together a last minute mermaid costume for Sissy, and a few years ago I made a super easy SUPER adorable gnome costume for my then 1year old boy.

My green monster and garden gnomes in 2010
So show me pics, give me your ideas, spam me with links for cute, easy, cheap or free homemade costume ideas.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Five years ago today...

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Today is my Luke's 5th birthday. Five years ago today I became a mother of 2. A mama of boy(s), plural. A mother to one blue-eyed blondie, and a brown-eyed brown-haired daddy-look-alike. An entire pregnancy spent in worry about whether I could possibly love another baby as much as I loved my first was put to rest.

He is our chunky monkey, our Lukey Pookey, our Bubby, our Bubba, our funny, sweet, loving, rough and tumble bruiser all-boy 5 year old. We love you Luke!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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And then I woke up. And realized I have 4 kids, 7 pets, 1 large messy husband and my house will never be perfect.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Life Happens

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I've been absent for a few days and felt I owed you, the readers, an explanation.

I think it's safe to say that I am a Mommy Blogger. A heroic, albeit underrated, class of bloggers. We fight the battles of daily life, of spilled sippy cups, and potty training. Teething and breast-feeding. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, ball parks, and ballet studios. We wash, dry, fold, and hang our clothes while airing our dirty laundry to you, the lucky and hopefully entertained readers. 

The crux of being a Mommy Blogger is that we are always fighting the battles of daily life. We yearn to be heard, to voice our opinions, and use words with more than 2 repeating syllables. And yet, those spills and mishaps and schedules take precedence over our precious blogs. Our family's need for fulfillment and nurturing ultimately trumps our desire for a creative outlet. 

Last week I was in the ER. Last night my baby girl decided to wake up as I was going to bed and not fall back to sleep until 4:30 this morning. So on two hours of sleep I dressed my big boy, sent him off to school, rinsed dishes, washed laundry, made a run to the store for toilet paper and a new broom, picked the big boy up from school, read 2 books with the kids, dressed the big one for football, sat through 2 hours of football practice with the other 3 kiddos, endured non-stop screaming from baby-girl on the way home, and finally I have spent the last 2 hours with her waking up and screaming, falling asleep, waking up and screaming, and finally falling back asleep.

And now I'm here. My little place. Where I can let flow my creative juices and allow my brain to expand beyond a 7 year old level. And still, I am a Mommy Blogger. I'm smack in the middle of fighting the battle of daily life. You will probably encounter {many} typos. At times I may sound incoherent {because I am}. But I always give to you, my readers, what's left of me at the end of the day or during those stolen quiet moments {when someone is undoubtedly painting my walls with red fingernail polish}. Those are some of my most prized parts. The little nuggets of wisdom that I've gleaned from a day of hard fought battles and harder won wars. My precious time, when I could be snuggling my husband or catching up on episodes of Parenthood. And the private inner me that my children are too young to recognize, friends are too busy to connect with, and my husband is too male to get. I continue to cultivate that part of myself in hopes of helping, healing, and entertaining you. My readers.

So please remember, I am Mommy first. Blogger second.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Healthcare vs. Sickcare

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Credit: Prevention Matters
I feel a bit silly writing about this as I wound up in the ER on Monday afternoon because I was sick. I was under the weather for a few days, but Monday I grew progressively worse throughout the day. I had a horrible coughing fit that led my throat to swell and I was having difficulties breathing. After running the kids to the neighbors house {thank God for good neighbors!} the hubby took me to the ER. Two breathing treatments, 1 steroid shot, and a lung X-ray later they told me I had bronchitis and sent me on my way with 3 prescriptions.

Antibiotics, oral steroids, and a cough medicine.

I hate prescriptions. I know they're necessary at times, but I have really begun to rebel against the Rx. Especially when it comes to my personal health. In much the same way that I feel the difference in my body when I eat unhealthy foods, I feel the difference between the "health" that prescription drugs bring and nutritional holistic healthcare give. There is a sense of overall well-being, health, vibrance, vitality that proper nutrition gives me. Treating a specific sickness with specific drugs fixes the symptoms, but doesn't make me healthier overall. Generally if I'm getting sick, something is lacking.

So now that we're entrenched in cold & flu season, little ones noses are running and being slimed all over their sleeves, how do you beef up your immune system and stay healthy? After all, it's easier to focus on your healthcare now than to deal with sickcare later. Like me. *snort*

  • Increase your Vitamin C  We all know about the "recommended daily intake" of vitamins and minerals that are suggested. I also think it's safe to say that most people feel that if they pop a multi-vitamin and meet that suggested amount they are good to go. But did you know that the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals aren't meant to give you sufficient levels for health? Nope. It's only to keep you from being vitamin deficient. There is a HUGE gap between vitamin deficient and healthy. The RDI of Vitamin C is only 75mg. A single cup of raw bell pepper has 195.8% of your RDI of Vitamin C. Although you should be aware that cooking causes a breakdown in C, so it's best to eat raw. Vitamin C is also water soluble, which means your body does not store it for later use, and it's nearly impossible to have too much. It increases iron absorption, is a powerful antioxidant that helps your immune system fight off infection, and helps prevent gallstones! So how much should you aim for? If you're healthy, the Vitamin C Foundation recommends all people over the age of 3 get at least 3,000 mg per day. It's always better to get your vitamins through whole food sources, so here are some of the best Vitamin C foods.

  • Buy a Neti Pot  A What?? A neti pot is a container use to irrigate your sinus cavities. Your tilt your head, insert the tip of the pot into your nostril, and the salted water rushes through your sinuses, clearing away dirt, debris, bacteria, allergies, and sickness. It's slightly acidic pH level gives it an antibacterial effect. Seeing as there are a plethora of airborne bacteria that we encounter on a daily basis, and that number only rises during the colder months, daily nasal irrigation with a neti pot is a natural step to add to your heath routine.

  • Add a probiotic to your vitamin regiment Probiotics are a way to introduce good bacteria into your gut. They keep yeast levels at a minimum, fight off bad bacteria, and  several studies have shown that probiotics decrease the duration of colds and flu as well as regulate immunity in the respiratory system.

  • Wash Your Hands Elementary, right? But the key is actually doing it. We know that when we touch something someone else touched we're touching everything those other people touched as well. {Try saying that 3 times fast} So don't just lecture your kids on the hand-washing routine, but make sure that you're leading the way with your example.

I'm not claiming that if you do these things you'll never get the sniffles, but every little bit helps. And each of these HAS been proven to be efficient in fighting off colds & flu. Four simple, easy, basic steps to take your healthcare into your own hands, before you wind up having to get sickcare. Like me. *snort*

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy 1 Month Blogoversary to Me!

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September 9 was the launch for Sneaky Green, so happy 1 month Blogoversary to me!

Bathroom {ART} Printables

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I wanted to share these printables with you guys. I found them at Tip Junkie and they are originally from Free Time Frolics. Tip Junkie is a phenomenal blog about crafting, life, and everything in between. I've never visited Free Time Frolics, but I will be now!

I have boys. 3 boys. 4 if you count my husband. All 3 (4) are potty trained. All 3 {cough4cough} make a mess in the bathroom. I am printing out these out NOW, and hanging them as soon as I can switch around some frames. Not only are they so so cute, I will be hanging them directly over the toilet, which is conveniently next to the sink in hopes that my boys {coughandmancough} will improve on their bathroom etiquette without me having to turn into Queen Nag. I'm not very fond of her, and I think they like her even less.

So here's to hoping and sweet {FREE} bathroom art!

Thanks Tip Junkie & Free Time Frolics!


# 1
Click the "inspired by" blog link and then simply right-click the image your want to save it to your computer. These will Print as an 8x10.

Couldn't be easier, right? Print, Hang, Enjoy! 

Green Fall Decorating Ideas

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Fall is in full swing here in the South! We woke up to 38 degree temperatures, and our highs haven't been out of the 60s for a few days. I love the consistently crispy cool temperatures! I love the leaves changing colors! I love seeing little fingers wrapped around steaming mugs of hot cocoa while we settle in for a movie night! And I love love love all the beautiful fall decorations!

We started our decorating last week. We are going for a mostly Halloween look at the moment with spider webs and a skeleton, but I want to add several pumpkins. I found some beautiful green fall decorating ideas that I hope can inspire you to get in the fall spirit!

The Traditional Look
BHG Fall Front Entry

I don't think you can get more all-inclusive than this style! Food, and foliage, and gourds, and hay...  BHG has incorporated nearly every nature aspect of fall here. The wreaths look easy to put together, and if you can get your hands on the wooden bushel baskets you're golden!

The Simplistic Look

Whether it's strung in a garland, surrounding a fragrant candle, used in making table-top topiaries, or simply piled high in a beautiful glass jar cranberries make the perfect fall decoration. Their deep red color just screams autumn, they are incredibly versatile, and did I mention they're beautiful?

The Whimsical Look
BHG Pumpkin Stepping Path

And finally, another beautiful setup from BHG. I adore the look of all the pumpkins scattered in the walkway, and can you imagine the ambiance and warm glow that the jarred candles give the path at night? It's spectacular, and probably my favorite!

Find other great homemakings tips @

Monday, October 8, 2012

Making Your Own Convenience Foods

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Luke helping me make oatmeal packets.
As a busy mom whose husband works alot, there are plenty of times when I need convenience. When it comes to food convenience usually means that the food isn't nutritious, it's full of junk, and is likely to make my kids act crazy later. So what's a harebrained mom to do? Why make my own, of course!

Years ago I stumbled across The Hillbilly Housewife. Her site first introduced me to homemade convenience foods. Before that day it never dawned on me that I could make my own taco seasoning, or a powdered "cream of" mix, or (eek!) corn-dogs! The first thing I made was corn-dogs. They weren't great, but they were edible, and the kids loved them. We've since changed the type of hotdogs we eat, and I would love to venture into that recipe again, but the point is that you can make these quick-fixes at home. And because you are controlling every ingredient, you can make them healthy and nourishing! Here are the ones I use in my house most often.

Taco Seasoning

  • 1/2 cup chili powder
  • 1/4 cup onion powder
  • 1/8 cup cumin
  • 1 Tbs garlic powder
  • 1 Tbs paprika
  • 1 Tb salt
  • 2 tsp cornstarch
Mix it up, shake it up, and use a few (3?) tablespoons per/lb of meat. 

Cream of Everything Soup

  • 1/3 cup nonfat dried milk
  • 3/4 cup cornstarch
  • 4 Tbs dried minced onion
  • 1 tsp basil
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp salt
Whisk together with 1 1/4 cup of appropriate stock (chicken, beef, veggie) over medium heat until thickened.

Chocolate Syrup

  • 1 1/2 cups raw sugar
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla
Combine sugar, cocoa powder, water, and salt in a pan. Stir to combine and get rid of all lumps.Continue stirring while the sugar melts. Once your ingredients are boiling, turn the burner down a bit until your pan is just simmering. Let it go until you reach your desired consistency. Let your syrup cool before pouring it into a container to be stored.

Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal

  • 1 large container of quick cook oats (mine is 47oz)
  • brown sugar
  • salt
  • plastic baggies
Into each plastic bag, measure out 1/2 cup of the oats, 1.5 Tbs of brown sugar, and a pinch of salt. Each bag is equivalent to 2 packets of store bought instant oatmeal. Even the baby eats at least 2 packets of store-bought, so this size works perfect for us. If you want them smaller, half the ingredients per bag.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Getting Back to Nature

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It may seem a little backwards, but now that the temperatures are going down (along with the fire ant hills) we can start enjoying the outdoors more. Football season is also coming to a close and freeing up some time.

A boy and his boots. 
Last week, after being cooped up in the house cleaning and cooking I decided it was time for a much needed breather. I dressed the 3 younger kiddos and we went exploring! The first thing we did was gather nuts. We have a plethora of hickory nut trees and after doing a bit of research I found out that they are hard to crack, but very very yummy! We filled one of cloth grocery bags and then made our way to the woods.

Making her way into the world.
Our backyard is lined with bamboo and behind that lanky green curtain is the cutest little creek. It had been dry all summer long, so the recent downpours have filled it up and started the trickling music. We got muddy. We got wet. We had a phenomenal time! I also happened to bring along my DSLR camera and snapped just a few priceless pictures. Enjoy my precious littles, and I hope we've inspired you to get out into nature!

Noah is never more in his element than when he's outside!

It doesn't have to be clean to be fun.
Out of 4 children, only this one was lucky enough to get Daddy's eyes.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is There Ever Enough Time?

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 Time. It seems to slip through our fingers, be absorbed by school and children and cleaning. Before you know it only half of the day's tasks are accomplished, the kids still need baths and their teeth brushed, and it's already bedtime! 

Time. It's such a precious commodity, and one we treat as though we'll never have enough of it. I heard a quote while I was driving home that said (and I'm paraphrasing), "God gives us enough time in everyday to do everything he wants us to."  Quite a concept, right?  We are given exactly enough time. For everything. And if we squander it, waste it, misuse it... that's OUR fault.

Time. I don't want to wish there were more hours in my day. I want to use the hours, minutes, and seconds that I have wisely. To make the most of the time God has given me to accomplish the tasks he's set before me. 

What are some ways that you use your time wisely, and how do you keep your priorities straight?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Make Your Own Dishwasher Detergent

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I mentioned wanting to try making my own dishwashing detergent a little while back, and I did that 2 days ago. If you read my guest post about making your own cleaning supplies, then you already have almost everything you need on hand to make your own dishwashing detergent. It takes only seconds, and after testing it out I am really really happy! No stuck on food, no greasy residues, and no need to buy dishwashing detergent anymore! You will be saving a TON of money.

Here's What You Need

  • 1 cup borax
  • 1 cup washing soda
  • 1/2 cup kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup citric acid (found in the canning section of your store)
  • 10-15 drops essential oil(s) of your choice (I did grapefruit, but this step is totally optional. It just added some nice scent to your dishwasher steam.)
Mix it all together, shake it up, and pour! I just filled my detergent cup the way I normally would with gel detergent. 

TIP: Don't forget to add vinegar for your rinse aid!

If I have any problems, or end up revising this I'll let you guys know. I only made it 2 days ago, but I'm already loving it! Loving the savings too. 

The Cost Breakdown
  • 76oz box of 20 Mule Team Borax -$3.38
  • 55oz Arm & Hammer Washing Soda - $3.24
  • 3lb Morton Kosher Salt - $1.94
  • 7.5oz Ball Citric Acid - $2.75 (I can't find the exact price I paid for this, but I know it was $2 and change)
  • .5oz Grapefruit Essential Oil - $5.75 (I buy my essential oils from a Frontier co-op, or Mountain Rose Herb)

Although the total cost for the supplies will run you about $17, you will be able to make several batches. Here is a per batch price breakdown.

  • 8oz Borax - $.36/batch
  • 8oz washing soda - $.47/batch
  • 4oz Citric Acid - $1.45/batch
  • Salt - $.23/batch

This brings your cost per batch to $2.51. You get 48 loads from this recipe, so that is a mere $.05 per load!!! Compared to the Cascade I was using before paying $5.97, and getting about 50 loads at $.12 - $.20 per load, depending on the amount of detergent you use. If you only run your dishwasher once a day, that is $54.75 savings PER YEAR! On dishwasher detergent alone. Now imagine adding in your own window cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner, and carpet cleaner. The savings really add up. To the point that you could have half of Christmas saved if you change nothing about your spending habits and simply replace your store commercial cleaning products for homemade versions. You can't go wrong!

TIP: With the addition of the essential oils my batch was a little clumpy. I read up on this problem and found that if you stick a slicia gel packet, like the ones that come in shoe boxes, in the bottle it will reverse the clumping!

UPDATE: The silica didn't take care of my clumping problem. :/ I'm on the hunt for a better solution or new recipe. I would love to make a gel!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

  I have 4 beautiful, unique, crazy children. When I became pregnant with my first I thought, "Ok, I'm going to do this the way nature intended. No drugs. Just me, pushing, and *voila* baby time!" Yeah, it didn't happen that way. I did nothing to prepare. No childbirth classes, no reading up on pain management techniques... nadda. When my first contrition hit at 10pm I thought my uterus was trying to turn itself inside out. Via my va-jay-jay. It wasn't pretty. I got my epidural at 4 centimeters and after 15 minutes it stopped working. They gave me a booster and still no relief. Henry's birth is a hazy blur. I remember the pain, I remember the nurse yelling at me telling me to breath, and I remember my husbands terrified face. Apparently he had never seen a woman experiencing labor in it's full throws. 

In labor with Henry. I don't remember this picture being taken.
Two and a half years and a few natural birthing books later I thought I was pretty well prepared for Luke's arrival. My water broke at 2 am on October 20th, and with no evident signs of contractions I thought it must be all my preparedness paying off. 24 hours of walking around the hospital still didn't bring about any natural contractions, so with fear of infection setting in I was induced with Pitocin. The contractions hit me fast and hard. I held my husband's hand, gripped the side rails for dear life, and squirmed around on the bed until I couldn't bear it any more. As soon as the epi was placed the nurse checked me and I was at 8cm. I look back now and think that if I had known how close I was I would have tried to hold out, but the truth is that I wouldn't trade my birthing experience for anything. The epi worked beautifully, and with total calm and clarity (and the aid of a mirror) I was able to watch my 2nd son being born. I was able to touch his head before I had ever seen his face. And it was pure magic. I left the hospital ready to give birth again!

Loving on Luke during some quiet time in the hospital.

 When Luke was a year old we moved halfway across the country, and shortly after making a lifelong friend I became pregnant with #3. My new friend had 5 boys, 4 of whom she had birthed without pain meds, and she was the example I wanted to follow. I had 2 boys already, and after finding out #3 was also a boy it felt like we were destined to find each-other. The day I went into labor was hectic. Henry had preschool, I told off a rude man in carline, scrambled to make dinner while I was feeling run down, and then it happened. Regular contractions that weren't painful, but I knew it was labor. I was nervous, excited, impatient, and scared. What would a completely natural birth feel like? Would I "fail" like I had with the other 2? Would it be worth it in the end?

Hubby helping me through contractions during monitoring.
 My friend met me at the hospital before I was even admitted to a room, and after an hour of monitoring my contractions were steadily becoming more painful and frequent. The pain was building but something magical was happening at the same time. I was surrounded by experienced loving people who said just the right things, did just the right things, and were here to experience this magic with me. My friend held my hand and told me what a good job I was doing. My nurse was an absolute godsend and gave my husband tips on how to ease me through the contractions. As the pain grew and grew she started giving me more detailed instructions. Squat down. Groan in a low voice, not a high voice. She was a relentless place of comfort and direction. A very short while later my beautiful third son made his memorable entrance into the world. It was painful, it was fast, it was empowering, and it was a relief!! More than anything I couldn't believe that I had done it. And how much it added in terms of emotion and joy to my son's birth.

We were never supposed to have a fourth child. We had moved back home to the South and the hubby and I had all but decided that our 3 crazies were as much as we could handle. But, God had other plans. Finding out I was pregnant for a fourth time was a shock. I didn't know how I would handle 4 boys, if this baby was a boy. And the odds weren't looking good. I wondered if I would be able to have another natural birth, or would I "chicken out", because now I knew what it felt like. And I admit, I was nervous. Quite by accident I stumbled upon a local doula. I called her with some questions about the hospital I was birthing at and their policies with natural births, and wound up meeting with her face to face to discuss hiring her! 

If you are wanting a natural birth a doula is quite possibly the most important investment you could make. I had read all the books, watched countless videos, practiced pain management techniques with ice cubes... nothing compares to the undivided attention and complete mental, emotional, and physical support that a doula provides. I was worried she would overshadow my hubby in the labor process, but it was quite the opposite. She actually brought him into the experience more than he had ever been before. She gave both of us direction, and provided him with a sense of purpose. Together they supported me through a pitocin induced labor, and despite being forced to lie on the bed, despite wanting to throw in the towel at some moments, and despite the fact that I had been scared I wouldn't make it... I did. My sweet baby girl was born, and the first words out of my mouth were, "She looks just like Luke!"

My experiences were varied. My love for my precious littles is not. No matter the birth you have, the depth of your love doesn't change. But, when you allow yourself to work with your body the result is POWERFUL. Labor pain builds gradually for a reason. You body will acclimate to that pain. It will still hurt, yes, and as labor progresses it will hurt more, but you ARE capable of handling it. Lack of support and fear are the biggest enemies of natural childbirth. As much as people are scared of pushing, that is the BEST part of labor! When you push there is relief. With every squeeze you know it's almost. over. And then when you push your final push, and that little one is born into the world, the flood of emotions is nearly indescribable. The first thing you feel is relief. That it's over. That your baby is here. That you don't have to do that anymore. Then the joy in seeing your baby's face, the wonder at their tiny toes, and perfectly shaped ears. The heart-bursting happiness that makes you want to run the halls of the hospital holding your perfect bundle up and shouting, "This is MY baby!!!" Finally, something I like to call "I am woman, hear me roar!" You will never know the full power that your body possesses until you give birth. Take away the medical interventions, the numbing medicines, and the restrictions and you are left with raw power

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my green, and not so green, childbirths. I also hope that if you are having a baby you will consider making the choice to birth naturally. If you are looking for a Doula there are many resources, but I am currently finishing up my training through Birth Arts International, and my doula, friend, and now co-worker was trained through DONA. you can visit both of their websites and find a doula in your area. If you have any questions about my experiences, or the natural birthing process in general EMAIL ME or leave a comment! Happy birthing, ladies!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless Wednsday

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This is such a cool vintage poster about food preservation from TreeHugger. It's easy to forget that such a short time ago every family had to prepare the long winter ahead by prepping their own food storage. Root cellars, canning, ice boxes and the like were king.

McGill Collection

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Never Fear, Cloth Diapers Are Here!

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With all the craziness surrounding the explosion of the factory in China, what is the number one concern? A diaper shortage. The factory that exploded produced about 20% of America's supply of absorbent diaper cores. I usually keep a few Huggies on hand for diaper rashes, long car trips, visits to the grandparents, or long days at the ball park, but I have NO FEAR of a diaper shortage. Because I'm covered. Or rather, my kids bottoms are covered.

 As of now I have only 1 in diapers during the day (potty training Noah is going SMASHING!!) and 2 at night. Here is the stock I'm working with. Isn't she a beauty? I am an equal opportunity daiperer (is that even a word?) so I have a plethora of cloth and no brand loyalty to speak of. There are lots of companies that I love, diapers that work well, but I like having options.

With the potential diaper shortage what are you options? Do you have a cloth stash to fall back on should disposables disappear from the shelves? Would you consider buying a small stash in case of emergency? This explosion isn't the only disposable wiping threat. If you've ever watched Preppers you know there is a vast array of disastrous circumstances that would befall our planet, country, or local areas. If stores stop operating, do you know how long it would take for their shelves to empty out from looting? No? Guess. Nope. Uh-uh. 2-3 days. That's it. For the entire stock of Wal-Mart, or Target, and your grocery store to be plundered and completely empty. Now, I know that in an event like this diapers might be the furthest thing from your mind, but that isn't the case with your baby. Whatever the circumstances their bottom needs to be fresh. And cloth makes that possible. Besides, even if you had a sposie stash, with no garbage men to come take away your trash where would you store all those stinky diapers??

So, would you consider adding a stash of cloth diapers to your prepping supplies? I'm sure they would look smashing right alongside your basement toilet paper aisle.

Unordered List