Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review

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Many parents are seeking out cloth diapers because the expense of using disposables is overwhelming. They look into cloth, see some of the cute little calculators breaking down the savings and BOOM they're starting a stash. Then they see an ultra cute diaper, but WHOA... the price tag! It's true. Many a money-saver has succumb to the ultra cute, ultra bank-breaking cloth diaper addiction.

How can you feed your cute cloth addiction and ensure you're still saving money? Glow Bug diapers. They ONLY sell diapers in packages. This guarantees that you're getting the most bang for your buck, and allows them to reduce the cost per diaper because every customer is buying in bulk! They have adorable prints, vivid colors, and seasonal diapers to keep an eye out for.

The design of Glow Bug's diapers is also innovative. These are pockets diapers, but both ends of the diapers have openings. No need to fish through a poopy pocket cover to rescue your insert! And don't worry that the insert will slip out, each diaper and insert snap together to keep everything where it belongs. {whispers... these inserts can be used with other diapers, and I haven't had a single issue with a regular insert migrating where it doesn't belong.}

Let's look at all the spec's together, shall we?

  • PRICE! (6 pack for $70-$75, 12 pack for $150)
  • One Size (fits from 7lbs to 35lbs)
  • Pocket Diaper with dual opening
  • Comes in prints and solids
  • Double rows of snaps, with cross over features to fit even the teeniest waists
  • Double gussets... think poop explosion crowds control 
  • SlimDry fabric. It is exactly what it sounds like. Fabric designed to stay dry without the bulk.
  • Wing snaps on top row to prevent dropping. Droopy butts are so uncool.

Just look at some of the cuteness you can buy in their packages!
So if you're considering cloth diapers, know someone who is thinking about it, or just need to beef up your current stash, get thy money saving tush to Glow Bug diapers and check out their BIGGEST SALE EVER!

Roll call - PRESENT!

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Who remember walking into their grade-school classroom, sitting in their desk (probably scratched with several names), and waiting for the teacher to go through the roll and call their name. Remember how you started squirming in your seat as Ashley and Ben and John were called and you knew the teacher was getting closer to you? That's been me. I've been absent from the blogroll lately, and I apologize. I've had tons on my plate, and even more on my mind. Mystery lumps and lethargy from Noah, inexplicable tummy pain from Lina, keeping up with schoolwork and homework with Henry, and readying Luke for preschool next year. Add to that the seasonal sicknesses that infiltrate a home of 6, regular housework, cooking, keeping up with 6 pets (we've aquired a random dog who eats Bella's food and sleeps on her mat),Hubby transitioning to his new job and well... I've had so much going on in live that I've had little time for personal ventures. Today is actually the first time I've sat down on the "big" computer since... ummm... well, I honestly can't remember.

But I'm back. I'm here. Present and accounted for. I can't promise I'll make it to class every day, but when I'm here I will make it worth your while to be reading and sneaking along with me.

So... I've been called on and checked off the roll for today. Let's see who else is here!

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