Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tomorrow will be my big boy's first day back to school after Christmas vacation. We've had a fun time and I am honestly going to miss him being home. Since today is our last day together I wanted to do some fun things and celebrate his return to structured education, rather than sending him grudgingly. So we had a back to school bash breakfast!

And what did he want? Cinnamon rolls. Great. Wonderful. Yum. But what about my oven? It's broke, remember. So I called up my good friend, Google. We have an intimate relationship, Google and I. Anytime I have a question, she's always there for me with an answer. I might have to fact check her every now and then, but usually she's spot on. She is a bit of a gossip, but I can look past that as her sheer awesomeness outweighs her gossipy nature. 

Back to the point. So I called Google and said, "How do I cook cinnamon rolls without an oven." First she tried telling me a joke and said to put a pan outside in the sun. She obviously doesn't realize it's January, and in the 40s. No go. Then she recommended a toaster oven. HA! What part of "without an oven" didn't she understand?! Then... a ha... success! She recommended I try my waffle iron. I was totally up for the challenge! 

It was as simple as making waffles, took a little less time actually, and the result was beautiful! A very thing crispy outer coating, just like browned cinnamon rolls, fully, soft insides, and the waffles indentations on top were the quintessential icing pockets. I don't think I'll ever make cinnamon rolls in the oven again. These were done in under 5 minutes, even though I had to do 2 batches! 

Wanna try? Here's what you do.

1. Preheat your waffle iron. I used a belgian waffle maker since the resevoirs are a little deeper. It worked perfect!
2. Put 1 cinnamon roll on each waffle section, and close the iron. It will not close all the way, but that's ok. It doesn't need to.
3. Cook. They only take 2-3 minutes, depending on your iron.

4. Remove, ice, and enjoy! 

Everyone here LOVED them. Including mama. Imagine never having to heat your oven to make cinnamon rolls again. Imagine the electricity I saved. Imagine the $$ I saved. Imagine wanting cinnamon rolls in the summer and NOT having to sacrifice the comfortable temperature inside to do so. I am over the moon about this new discovery! Now to find more things to cook in the waffle iron.

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