Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bathroom {ART} Printables

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I wanted to share these printables with you guys. I found them at Tip Junkie and they are originally from Free Time Frolics. Tip Junkie is a phenomenal blog about crafting, life, and everything in between. I've never visited Free Time Frolics, but I will be now!

I have boys. 3 boys. 4 if you count my husband. All 3 (4) are potty trained. All 3 {cough4cough} make a mess in the bathroom. I am printing out these out NOW, and hanging them as soon as I can switch around some frames. Not only are they so so cute, I will be hanging them directly over the toilet, which is conveniently next to the sink in hopes that my boys {coughandmancough} will improve on their bathroom etiquette without me having to turn into Queen Nag. I'm not very fond of her, and I think they like her even less.

So here's to hoping and sweet {FREE} bathroom art!

Thanks Tip Junkie & Free Time Frolics!


# 1
Click the "inspired by" blog link and then simply right-click the image your want to save it to your computer. These will Print as an 8x10.

Couldn't be easier, right? Print, Hang, Enjoy! 


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