Friday, November 9, 2012

When I think of cloth diapers I think of beautifully patterned, fluffy, squishy goodness. I think of well stocked diaper stashes, and endless supplies of absorbent inserts. Unfortunately, for alot of the world their diaper supplies aren't quite so cushy, and in lieu of diapers they use old cloths, or sometimes nothing at all. 

Enter The Little Bee Co.

Where soft bums are scare, and babies are lacking in squishy goodness, The Little Bee Co. is helping. Every diaper that is purchased through their company is matched with another diaper donated to an orphan in need. They have done diaper drops in China, Russia, the US, East Africa, South America, and more. The mission statement "Bee changed and change the world" is one they take seriously. With names like Honduran Sunrise, Cambodian Blush, and Turkish Moon, each of their vibrantly colored diapers is named for a place where children are desperately in need.

I was given the opportunity to try one of their Bee Changed Bamboo Solids diapers, and I have to say it is the softest thing I have EVER felt! The PUL outter is a stunning blue, called African Rain. The inner is a soft, plush, cozy bamboo fleece. Each Bee Changed Bamboo diaper comes with 2 microfiber inserts, or for a few more dollars you can upgrade to hemp and organic cotton inserts. There are 12 different colors to choose from, and this is a one size diaper that will bring your baby home from the hospital, and keep them dry until they are potty trained.
I made sure to give my new fluff a proper test run, so after prepping the hemp inserts I set my princess up for some sweet dreams in her new Bee Changed diaper. I used both inserts, and by morning they were heavily wet, but not thoroughly soaked. And this is with a sippy of milk before bed! Her sheets were dry, and when I picked her up in the morning, my shirt stayed dry too. (You cloth mamas know the dread of a wet spot on your shirt before that first morning diaper change!)

Next up was a several hour outing to the grocery store. Moving around presents a whole other host of obstacles to cloth diapering because the pressure of sitting on the diaper, as opposed to the light weight of sleeping, tends to squish out liquid from the inserts, and more times than I care to admit I've had to change my kiddos clothes because of diaper mishaps. We were in car seats, in shopping carts, and back in the carseat for a good 3 hours (without a change) and when I got home her clothes were still completely dry!

I don't have a single complaint about our Little Bee Co. diaper, and with the adorable Bee Change tag on the back, I found myself wanting to hike up her dress to show off the adorable saying and the gorgeous color. This is one of our new favorites! The inserts are also contoured, and fit in all of my other pockets. Score!

I feel blessed to live in a country where we are able to provide for our family so well. We are not rich, but our babies are always taken care of. I can only wish the same for every child around the world. You can purchase diapers from The Little Bee Co. in good conscience, knowing your little ones bottom will be clean and dry, and at the same time you are providing for another precious baby somewhere in the world. 

To keep an eye on The Little Bee Co. continuing diaper drops check out there Diaper Drops page.

I want to leave you with a Bible verse that is quoted on the Bee Changed Mission Statement page, and I urge you to watch the video below that goes into further detail about The Little Bee Co.'s mission.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as Pure and Faultless is to care for orphans"
James 1:27


  1. So cute! I hadn't heard of this brand.

  2. I have one of these in that color and it is a beautiful color. I do wish that there were more than 2 snap down size options on it though. I feel like my little guy needs one more setting on it.

  3. We cloth diaper too! : ) I've never heard of this brand either so I'm glad I have now! Found you via MBC! Following you now. Would love for you to stop by. xo.


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