Monday, September 10, 2012

How Did It All Start?

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  Years ago, when Hubby and I first set out to start our family, I wasn't the least bit green. My lovely stepmother was a vegetarian and I gave that a shot for, oh, about 23 hours one summer when I was a teen. Epic fail. At the time this had been my only green experience. Then along came our first child. A bouncing baby boy who made my heart sing, my eyes spill over with the love that was in my heart, and my maternal instincts kick into high gear.

   Mama bear came out in many forms, swatting away the previously doted on kitty, scubbing the house to a never seen level of cleanliness, and reading, rereading, and reading again everything I could about being a better mom. Because who is going to screw up my child more than me? No one. I had been reading pregnancy books for 9 months that told me about all kinds of scary things I had never heard of, like listeria and botchulism. My radar was instantly on high alert and started wondering what other harmful things were out there that I was totally unaware of.

  So, like alot of other greenies, my journey began because I wanted to make a happier, healthier, safer world for my babies. Little did I know how hard it was going to be! When you've been immersed in the get-it-hot-and-now world that we live in moving to a slower pace, homademade way of living can be a struggle - at least for me. I try to keep in mind though that this is a journey. There is no real end in sight, because I think we are always learning new things and changing. One of my favorite quotes says "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." What a reason to learn, huh?


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