Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is It The Strep Monster?

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School has been back in session for 1 month and 1 week. So far Henry has missed 6.5 days from being sick. The first time it was a rotten virus, the 2nd time (just last week) for strep throat, and today because of some unknown sickness. I headed out just before naptime to pickup a few things for dinner and the school called my cell phone to tell me that Henry had thrown-up and was running a fever. He was in the lunch room too, can you imagine being one of the other kids and trying to finish eating your food after that? Poor kids. Poor Henry. He's pitiful! 

And I'm mad. Yup, mad. Not at him, but at the fact that my kid, who eats healthy, takes wholesome vitamins, practically od's on vitamin c, is the one who has been sick constantly since going back to school. He drinks bone broth for goodness sake! So now I'm on a mission to find out how to boost his immune system even more and strengthen his body's defenses against all these nasty germs. Today I picked up some l-lysine, and I also plan to double his probiotic until he's feeling better. Here is a simple explanation of l-lysine from the University of Maryland.
Lysine, or L-lysine, is an essential amino acid. That means it is necessary for human health, but the body can't manufacture it.
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 I do have a sneaking suspicion that rather than 3 separate sicknesses these are all combined. The first time our pediatrician was out, so we had to make a trip to the ER. The nurse from our pedi's office specifically said she wanted to rule out strep, but the ER didn't do any swabs, no tests... nothing. The nurse practitioner looked at Henry - but didn't touch him. As in not a finger. No checking lymph nodes, no looking at his throat, no checking his ears. Nada. She said there was a nasty virus going around, and sent us home with well wishes and a prescription for rest. The fever did go away over the weekend, although the headache he was rocking didn't. That was the week after labor day. Last week he woke up Tuesday night, feverish and complaining of a sore throat. I gave him Wednesday to heal, and when he was still having all the same symptoms we went to the dr on Thursday, and I was sure it was strep. I was right. He started on an antibiotic that day, and is still on it now, but today, 1 week later, we are onto sickness #3. With the same blasted headache. And more puking. And his throat is still red and swollen, and his lymph nodes are HUGE. 

I'm worried about my baby, want to know what is going on, and I'm hoping it's something that have a solution for. With as much school as he has missed we'd do better homeschooling! Which isn't a bad option, I just am not quite there yet, know what I mean? I've had one call back from the pediatrician today, but they wanted to confer a bit more and let me know what we needed to do. It also seems that my kids LOVE getting sick in the middle of the day on Thursdays... and of course our ped's office is closed on Friday. HA! Go figure, right?

I will keep you guys updated, and all prayers, well wishes, and healing vibes are welcomed and appreciated. If I'm scarce, or if posts start thinning out I apologize, but family comes first. I just want my baby healthy and happy again!


  1. Oh no. So sorry to hear that. My 4 year old just started preschool and not even 2 weeks in he brings home a nasty cold. We thought it went away after having it for over a week but 3 days later he gets a high fever. Turns out he has a bacterial infection. :( He is on antibiotics now. We don't want it to turn into bronchitis.
    I hope your little one is doing better!


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